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vrijdag 15 juli 2011


A lot of gay and bisexual men tend to ignore the foreplay experience but it holds more senations and experienes than you can imagine for gay couple. Foreplay in not just about a hand job to givng head and then onto the anal sex... its about exploring, experimenting and understanding what excites not only your partner but yourself too! If you find gay sex unfulfilling then it is likely you and your partner aren't spending enough time engaging in foreplay!


Closed lips kissing is always a good start to get comfortable. Once you are comfortable move on to lightly and slowly use your tongue to brush across your partners lips. This will encourage your partner to do the same to eventually get to light tongue licking. The tongue is very sensitive so being light will be a better sensation. As the mood deepens gently wrestling and sucking on your partners tongue... very enjoyable!

Licking and Nibbling

Pay attention to the nipples, neck and ears which are highly sensitive to light touches of the tongue or respond better to light nibbling in many guys. When nibbling his ear lobes by being a little bit verbal... such as saying what you want to do to him or vice a versa!


A light touch to the body can certainly make it pay attention to sensations. Using the tips of your finger to lightly brush over your partners body will relax and arouse your partner. Doing this to the neck, nipples and under arms is extremely sensual, it goes without saying the same applies to the penis and balls! The more pressure you apply the more aggressive your session might be. The force and pace you apply during foreplay can determine how you both want to your session to be, sensual or a bit more hardcore.

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