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donderdag 14 juli 2011

How to perform

An active gay guy has a lot of control over their partners experience of anal sex.
If you know how to perform well you can give your partner a mind blowing experience.
Relaxing the anus is key to enjoyable anal sex and all it takes is good ass play session to make gay sex an enjoyable experience for both.
You can use rimming to begin with during foreplay to draw your partners attention to the pleasure centers that he may not have experienced fully before during gay sex. Light tongue flicks fluttering over his ass and licking of the perinenum will certainly get his attention. Using with sex toys, such as dildos, butt plugs and a G-spot massager, during foreplay is another more illuminiating way to relax him. The most convinient way to relax him is using your fingers. Using a water-based lube, apply generously to your partner's ass, beginning with your index finger stroke his anus with a light and slow circlular motion to begin with, from the outside working inwards towards his anal opening. You want to engage as many of the nerves as you can to have him eager and willing to take your penis. Then slowly insert your finger a bit at a time. With very slight and small circular motions move your finger as you enter his anus. Slowly penetrate him with that one finger, massaging his G-spot with smooth paced strokes to get him wanting your penis more and relaxing him. Then insert your middle finger to prepare him for the girth of your penis. Insert both your fingers a bit at a time further in, just the same way as you did before. The aim is to relax him but also to stimulate and engage all those nerves! Slowly fingering his ass and lubing him up at the same time will probably have him squirming with pleasure as you work him up to take your penis. Using two fingers is normally enough if your penis is average in size in both girth and length, but if you above average (especially girth) then you are best working his ass until he can take three fingers comfortably, so spending more time relaxing is necessary for him to enjoy being penerated by you. You can do this while giving him head or oral play with his balls to heighten the experience further.

So by now you're probably throbbing and rock hard with him eager for more intense action. When you put on the condom add more lube to the outside as they are rarely lubed up enough for anal sex. Spit is not enough either! Slowly press the head of your penis against his ass hole and gently push it in. If he shows signs of discomfort stop, hold your penis in that position and allow your partner to relax onto it. Put the head of your penis in, penetrating your partner with the first few inches slowly, tease yourself with the sensations and enjoy the feeling of your penis being surrounded by his ass. As you penetrate, slowly insert more of your penis in as he gets used to it by relaxing more into the experience.

Whilst penetrating his ass, depending on the position you are in stroke his cock or play his nipples. If you are close enough to him kiss, lick and nestle into his neck. The more body contact during gay sex the more engaging and enjoyable it is for both of you. Experiment with different positions and pay attention to how he reacts to what you are doing so you know he is having as good a time as you.

Position is all important here! Some of the most common positions for gay guys are not the most comfortable or engaging during anal sex.

As the active partner, one thing that you should consider is the shape of your penis. You want to give your partners g-spot stimulation so as to give him as much pleasure during anal sex as possible. A penis with an upward curve will give a different experience of an anal sex position than a penis with a downward curve to it. Be sure to experiement and explore positions. Not necessarily in one session of gay sex though but understanding how your body can give him pleasure certainly puts you both in good sted for a much better and enjoyable sex life as a gay or bisexual man.

Also, as the top, If you have ejaculated before your partner through penetration then spend time in getting your partner to climax by going back to using your fingers or better! Use some toys to play with his ass will certainly help him achieve maximum pleasure. Giving him oral sex at the same time to increase the intensity of his orgasm will get you a return visit for sure! Be attentive and give him a good time!

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