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zondag 17 juli 2011


Tips For Bottoms (Passive Guys)

Use the bathroom before you get down to anal sex. It helps to douche and wash before getting down to penetration of any sort so you aren't overly conscious of anything untoward! It is best to douche about half an hour before hand.

Relaxing your ass and get yourself ready for taking an erect penis Is key to you enjoying and achieving maximum pleasure from anal gay sex! Using plenty of water-based lubricant will allow you to have a more comfortable session. Anal sex is enjoyable for both partners when it is done properly. It is slightly awkward to give good head and relax yourself at the same time so if you can encourage your partner to do it for you by giving him instruction either verbally or guiding his hand to your ass. In some situations anal relaxation is not a priority for the active guy nor is the passive partners experience of having sex. Using a butt plug can make all the difference to your session. There are a lot of butt plugs on the market in varying sizes, some are enhanced with vibrating mechanisms if you are feeling a little more daring.

If your partner isn't being attentive enough to relax you then be sure to try do it yourself. It is ideal to massage yourself while you are perhaps on your knees giving head, or allow him to play with your ass whilst your are giving him oral sex whilst on a bed. The 69 is a good position for allowing your partner to play and relax you. Either way, its important. Use a generous amount of lube massage your ass with your hand between your legs using the tips of your fingers working in a circular motion working inwards. Insert one finger at a time slowly and bit by bit. Eventually working up to two or three fingers comfortably pleasuring your anus you will feel more relaxed and eager for his penis to penetrate you.

Consider the shape of his penis, whether his penis is curved upward or downward and which position is right for you to be comfortable. Remember that the position that both of you engage in will determine how intense and stimulating your experience of anal sex is going to be. There are some positions which will give you greater control over your experience such as those where you are on top of your partner like the anal drop position, which is also much more enjoyable than the doggies style for many gay guys.
After a good gay sex session be sure to wash yourself. Applying some water based moisturizer to your ass and a bit of clinching of your anal and pelvic muscles will help tone you up after sex. This can also help you with control over the muscles which will help you relax them before penetration.

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